Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Release: L.A. Fire by Sarah Bailey

A full length erotic romance that sounds sinfully sexy!!

When Sarah Stevens lands her dream job at an L.A. talent agency, she is determined to leave her heartbreak behind and focus solely on her career.That is, until she meets Julian McGregor, her boss’s partner. He’s handsome and brilliant, and has the kind of charisma and power that brings women to their knees.

When he sets his sights on Sarah, she can’t deny the desire he kindles in her, but she’s determined to fight his irresistible pull because 
she’s scared a relationship with him will jeopardize her career. But Julian is used to getting his way, and he won’t give up. Bit by bit, he dismantles all of Sarah’s defenses, and penetrates to her core. But his power and dominance is a double-edged sword; it drives her wild in bed, but brings out her emotional insecurities everywhere else.

Sarah cannot deny their explosive sexual chemistry, and she cannot deny that Julian is the first man who has made her feel truly alive,
truly understood. But her emotional baggage is heavy and undeniable. Can Sarah get over her past and learn to trust Julian, or will her old emotional scars drive them apart for good?

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