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Choices by Annie Brewer

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Gracie had everything planned when it came to her future. She was set to go to California with her scholarship-jock boyfriend, attend college, get a degree, and maybe sometime later when they were older and successful, they would get married and start a family. But all of that was taken away by the passion of one careless night. A night that changed everything.

After days of sickness it becomes apparent that she’s pregnant, and the choices she must make now will change her life forever. Her senior year will not be filled with making stupid mistakes such as, getting drunk at parties, or worrying about school events. But whether her doctor’s appointment is next week or how to eat and sleep for her baby’s well-being. 

This story tells of the experiences an expectant teenage mother goes through as a part of her is shaped by the news of her pregnancy and how true love is not just words but actually being there for that person when they’re most in need, despite the circumstances.

My Review:

"The real world is not that easy. We get hurt, we make mistakes, and we move on. We live and die, but we only have one life to live, Gracie. One. So screw what I just said, I want you, and I'm not going anywhere." 

Choices tells the story of Gracie, a seventeen year old girl with the world at her fingertips and the high school quarterback, Nick, on her arm. Her future is already mapped out- she'll follow Nick to California where he'll be playing college ball, they'll live together, finish school, and someday in the distant future they'll start a family. Unfortunately for Gracie, someday came a little bit sooner that she expected. 

When Gracie breaks the news to Nick, he says he loves her but he leaves her anyway. Some love, right? So now she's alone, heartbroken, and pregnant. Until one day, left crying at her locker due to asshole Nick, older, smokin' hot Carter enters the picture, thus beginning down the path of friendship and then into love. I won't go into detail here so you can all enjoy it for yourselves. :)

Then, one day Nick decides he wants Gracie back. He comes by and finds Carter at the house. As it turns out, Carter has a past and Nick is part of it. Now Gracie has to decide what to do. Will she stay with the supportive man she now loves or will she go back to Nick in order to give her unborn child a complete family? 

Choices was a fantastic story. I connected with the characters very easily. I felt Gracie's anger and pain towards Nick. I smiled with every interaction with Meg. She was such a kickass best friend! I loved the small side story with her and Mason. Carter warmed my heart with every interaction. He was so much more mature than his 20 years. Gracie's parents, brother, and Grammy were so supportive and caring. The family interactions felt so genuine, and it made me glad for Gracie that she and her unborn baby would have such a wonderful family to help care for them. Carter's family was the same way. They'd love Gracie's baby just as much as they would if it was Carter's, which is more than we can say for Nick's awful mother. Nick made me so angry throughout the whole book, but in the end I felt more pity for him than anything. I think he left before seeing the baby because he truly couldn't handle it. I'm so excited to read his story and see how he's been coping with Carter raising the child Nick, initially, didn't want. 

Some stories about young love are pretty unbelievable and unrealistic. Or the couple has impossible feats to overcome and the world is against them. This story could have gone that route, but it didn't come even close. Annie Brewer did an amazing job making Gracie and Carter's journey to love a down-to-earth, relatable one. The whole relationship and it's progression was very genuine to me. They didn't dwell on issues when they came up, they dealt with them. While Gracie could sometimes be immature (she is only 17 afterall), for the most part she handled herself and her relationship with Carter very maturely. Overall, I really liked the book and would recommend it. I was so thrilled to find out that Annie's writing Nick's story and then finishing the series with Carter's. 

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